• Date
  • 15 June, Thursday
  • Location
  • Raffles City Convention Centre
    (Fairmont Hotel)
    Stamford Ballroom, Level 4
  • Time
  • 7.30am to 5.00pm

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    Time Event Programme
    07.30am Registration with Morning Refreshments
    08.45am Westcon Solutions Opening
    09.00am Staying Ahead of Modern Threats

    Businesses more than ever rely on their IT systems to keep the business running. Check Point will share how the threat landscape has changed and how to stay ahead of the modern threats.

    The modern threat and why it matters
    Why do breaches continue to happen?
    What solutions are used to address today's threats and how can it be used more effectively.

    Bruce Chai, Head, Threat Prevention, Asia, Check Point Software Technologies
    09.30am Simpler Cybersecurity – Getting Stronger by Being Specific

    In a world of seemingly never-ending complexity, join the session to learn how implementing a strong, effective cybersecurity platform will help simplify your environment. See how being specific when granting rights can lead to a solution that’s easier to manage and more able to give users what they need to be productive. Hear how to change your Cybersecurity practice into the team who say "Yes" while still lowering risk.

    Brian Chappell, Senior Director, Enterprise & Solutions Architecture, BeyondTrust
    10.00am The Rise of SD-WAN: Broadband Your WAN to Achieve Peak Performance

    As the migration of business applications to the cloud accelerates, IT leaders are re-evaluating wide area networking requirements and evaluating broadband as an economical and effective alternative to MPLS in connecting users to applications. Advanced SD-WAN solutions go beyond the ability to utilize broadband and achieve cost savings, they must provide secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to application with the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport technologies without compromising network or application performance. This enables geographically distributed enterprises to achieve cost savings, accelerate time-to-value and increase business agility.

    This session will frame the business benefits of an advanced SD-WAN solution:
    Performance – Improve customer experience by delivering predictable application performance and QoS across the WAN
    Security – Securing WAN traffic and applications with encrypted virtual overlays and stateful firewall at the branch
    Visibility – Gain the visibility to segment, orchestrate and automatically steer applications across the WAN in alignment with business intent
    Extensibility – Ability to seamlessly service chain and route applications in line with existing WAN infrastructure Speaker: Rolf Muralt, Vice President of Product Management, Silver Peak

    Tricia Png, Regional Director, Asia, Silver Peak
    10.30am Break | Viewing of Technology Showcases
    10.55am Trust builds Speed

    Are we safer together, or apart? Cybercriminals brazenly share information, expertise and tools to execute increasingly innovative and collaborative attacks. It’s time for a strategic shift in cybersecurity. Organisations need the flexibility to design integrated defense capabilities that work together in ways never before thought feasible. Winning together means working together in the race for trust in this cybersecurity war.

    David Allott, Director, Cyber Defense – APAC, McAfee
    11.25am Accelerating Digital Transformation through Next Generation Security

    Today’s digital landscape has seen tectonic shifts in recent years with innovations in technology. These innovations have improved our way of life and doing business, but have also provided more entry-points for cyber criminals. In this session, Alvin will share how we can safely enable applications from traditional datacenters to hybrid infrastructure to cloud, and prevent cyber security breaches, while simplifying operations at the same time.

    Alvin Tan, Regional Head, Singapore & Malaysia, Palo Alto Networks
    11.55am Panel Discussion: Don't Let Security Cloud the Issue

    The majority of cloud exposures can be traced back to a failure in policy or controls not being applied correctly – real risk comes when organisations blindly park data, thinking that security is just implicit. Cloud security is the provider’s responsibility and anyone can access your data in the cloud” Discontinued products and services are nothing new, of course, but what is new with the coming of the cloud is the discontinuation of services to which people have entrusted a lot of personal or otherwise important data – and in many cases devoted a lot of time to creating and organizing that data. As businesses ratchet up their use of cloud services, they’re going to struggle with similar problems, sometimes on a much greater scale. For enterprises, there is really no way around this– it’s the price we pay for the convenience of centralized apps and databases. - Nick Carr, Author of Does IT Matter?, The Big Switch and The Shallows

    Panel Moderator
    Sri Narayanan Executive Editor, MIS Tech
    12.35pm Buffet Lunch | Viewing of Technology Showcases
      Breakout Tracks
      Security Automation Track Cloud Security Track
    01.40pm Lucky draws:
    Stand to win Google Chromecast Ultra 4k HD Streaming Device
    Lucky draws:
    Stand to win Google Chromecast Ultra 4k HD Streaming Device
    01.45pm Strengthens your security posture through total visibility across threat vectors in your environment.

    Visibility is key to threat hunting and helps a security operations team improve the security posture of their organization. Join us in this session to witness how Splunk helps customer gain visibility into their complex environment and witness some of the use cases in threat hunting.

    Philip Sow, SE Manager, South Asia, Splunk
    Protecting Data Into and Throughout the Cloud

    In the borderless world of Cloud computing, everything changes. You cannot deliver Cloud without a fundamental redesign of your security infrastructure. This session will highlight current Cloud-based data protection requirements, and offers an innovative look at a data-centric protection strategy that extends privacy controls to several key Cloud paradigms. With a data-centric approach, companies can deliver a comprehensive data protection strategy that protects any data before it enters the Cloud, and continues to do so as it moves throughout the Cloud. It is a flexible, scalable, end-to-end protection strategy that provides a unique platform for rapid adoption of Clouds by even the most security demanding business and enterprise applications.

    Shelly Yao, Security Architect – South East Asia, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
    02.15pm Next Generation Framework for Security Automation

    We embarking on this Digital cohesion journey, We start to on board discreet set of devices with a varied set of processing power and intelligence. We require a new paradigm in the way we secure the infrastructure. Traditionally, We use to protect networks with perimeter security and next generation firewall, With more threat sophistication and advanced malware, we need a different approach towards security and more importantly how quickly you could take proactive actions in an autonomous fashion. Next Generation framework for Security and Automation provides the building block for defining Policy, Detect and Enforce without / less human intervention.

    Adrian Tham, Regional Senior Consultant Engineer, Juniper Networks
    Connecting DevOps & Security Vulnerability Management in a Dynamic Environment

    The concepts of cloud computing as a utility, DevOps and containerisation have combined to enable the deployment of applications and web-based services in a very dynamic way. Often called elastic computing, services can grow or shrink when required. This enables a deployment model that can maintain customer satisfaction in a cost effective way, which is critical in today’s extremely competitive business environment.

    Disney Cheng, Technical Consultant, Tenable
    02.45pm The Day After Zero-Day - Be Ready with Tenable

    The Shadowbrokers release of Nation-State level hacking tools and associated Wannacry cybersecurity attacks have spread around the world, affecting millions of systems virtually overnight. This demonstrates clearly that system vulnerabilities – known or unknown - are still the largest source of enterprise cyber security breaches.

    When the next outbreak happens, Tenable’s Security Center Continuous View platform can answer your most vital security questions, which will be:
    · Am I at risk for this latest attack ?
    · If so, exactly what do I need to do to fix it, most effectively?
    · If not, how can I be sure of this, and prove it to the organization.

    Join this session to learn how.

    Robert Healey, Senior Director Marketing, Asia Pacific, Tenable Network Security
    Cloud Ecosystem Visibility. Remove the Blind Spots.

    Your cloud ecosystem is diverse, spanning across multiple vendors, applications and systems. Do you have visibility across it all?

    Find out how Splunk apps for cloud services deliver this visibility, providing instant security and operational insights into the most popular cloud services.

    Embark your cloud journey with Splunk, knowing you can
    - Monitor the uptime and availability of third-party cloud services
    - Ensure security and compliance across your multi-vendor cloud ecosystem
    - Deploy third-party cloud services with confidence

    Jie Hong, Senior Sales Engineer, Splunk Singapore
    03.15pm Break | Viewing of Technology Showcases
    03.40pm Accelerate your Security Operations with Analytics, Guidance and Practices

    Many organizations are constantly facing skills and talent shortages in security operations and to address these challenges, organizations need to look beyond the traditional security tools and investing in new technologies to increase speed, simplicity, and effectiveness in their security operations.

    This session will highlight how HPE ArcSight Investigate could equip your security analysts with the ability to accelerate both detection and remediation through analytics-driven, guided investigation procedures. The solution is built on a new advanced analytics platform to serve the evolving needs of security teams and helps hunt and defeat unknown threats by instantly processing large volumes of data. As a result, security analysts are empowered with an intuitive solution to investigate higher-priority threats efficiently and accurately.

    Eric Ng, ArcSight Specialist (Southeast Asia), HPE Software, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Securing the Cloud – Juniper Cloud Solutions Private and Hybrid Cloud.

    Enterprises are transforming their Applications to Cloud-enabled application or Cloud Native Applications to cater to the demands of providing untethered access for their applications and riding towards the future of an agile enterprise with new technology such as Internet of Things (IOT), Software-Defined Security, and container technology. This compels Enterprises to adopt Public / Private / Hybrid cloud models. Juniper SDSN solutions along with cloud enabled security offering provides a seamless access and consistent for Private and Public integration.

    Adrian Tham, Regional Senior Consultant Engineer, Juniper Networks
    04.10pm Security Automation with Check Point

    Misconfigurations is fast becoming a common cause for firewall breaches. Learn how Check Point can help you to integrate securely with orchestration, change management with ease and control exactly what that integration can and cannot do. Routine tasks can be automated and delegated, thus freeing up security teams from repetitive tasks to focus on strategic security tasks like incidence response and also get full visibility into threats across the network.

    Edwin Raja, Security Engineer, Check Point Software Technologies
    Demystifying Cloud Security.

    Cloud Security – Who owns it, who manages it and, if it’s you, where to start? In this session, we aim to give you the information and knowledge that will help you build and maintain secure cloud instances by getting the basics right first.

    Brian Chappell, Senior Director, Enterprise & Solutions Architecture, BeyondTrust
    04.40pm Grand Lucky Draw Prizes:
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    05.00pm Event End